10 Great Engineering Apps – Apps Save Time, and Time Means Money!

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March 25, 2014
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August 23, 2014

Some of us have embraced the modern technical error with open arms, others have fought it every step of the way. Whichever side we’re on the fact remains clear and simple – Apps help us to do things quicker!

One group of professionals who in general are in agreement with this fact, are engineers.

One engineer shared just one simple example of how an engineering app can save a lot of time and effort. He explained that if an engineer needed to know how much force a quarter-inch bolt can withstand, the correct app can give him the correct and reliable information in an instant. It can even advise him of the correct drill to use!

Often though, it’s hard to keep track of all the available apps available in one genre. With so many engineering apps available, how can engineering professionals choose apps that are great, and not get overwhelmed with the choice?

The below list outlines 10 great Apple apps that many professional engineers simply swear by:

Mechanical Engineer

With more than 300 engineering formulas and specialising in everything from bearings to kinetic energy this app offers a wide range of useful features.

Engineering Professional

An engineering student’s dream, this app has more than 650 formulas in everything from chemical fields to hydrology.

iCircuit (Krueger Systems)

Users have referred to this app as a ‘lifesaver’ on numerous occasions. Offering a simulation engine for analog circuits and digital circuits and with a host of extras, this app is well worth a look.

Transmission LineCalc App (Black Cat Systems)

This app allows the user to make RF transmissions lines calculations quickly and efficiently.

Pocket Slide Rule (TestTubeGames)

A very simple, yet incredibly useful app. This gives every engineer a virtual slide rule at the tap of a screen.

Engineering Unit Conversion

A great app for everyday use and with the added feature of allowing the user to use negative temperature and pressure values, this is a great choice for all engineers from students to professionals.

Finger CAD

An interesting app that allows engineers to draw everything from houses to components.


Allowing engineers to share their DWG drawings through their device, this app is especially useful for engineers who are always on the move.

Tesla Bot (ND Apps)

Using the compass that is built into your phone or tablet, this app will measure the strength of a magnetic field for you.

SketchPad HD (Raizlabs Corps)

With a choice of graph paper and ruled paper, as well as other paper choices, this app is perfect both for jotting down notes and for drawing.

Indeed when it comes to engineering there is no doubt – apps save time, and time means money!