How to select the right structural engineer

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January 24, 2014
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March 6, 2014

There is a notable increase in the number of engineering firms today. This makes it daunting to hand pick one that perfectly suits your needs. You may have numerous choices as there are many bill boards and television advertisements these days but it can be an uphill task to settle on one. The following are some handy tips on how to select the right structural engineer.

The first thing to look out for; accreditation, association and quality assurance. This simply means that the structural engineer is ISO certified and is registered with the State association of engineers. If the structural engineer has a firm, then the firm should be registered and accredited and it should as well meet the set standards. A certificate of compliance with the planning, building and construction regulations is also a key consideration.

The structural engineer should as well be in a position to offer different services. The services include; design approval for houses, retail shops,industrial units, office and apartments, warehouses and so on. He should be in a position to examine the architects’ plan and give relevant advice as well as approving the plan. He should as well undertake the designing of some vital aspects of the building like the foundation, beams, columns, floor, roof and the basement if it is incorporated in the design.

A structural engineer of choice should carry out structural surveys and reports on new structures. The survey may reveal wall and floor cracking, subsidence, settlement fire damage and much more. In case an engineering report is required in situations of legal disputes, monitoring of property, damaging of property, contractor disputes and party wall disputes, the engineer should be ready to help.

The question of how to select the right structural engineer can be solved easily by looking at all the aspects listed above. It is however vital to check with the engineering firm and evaluate their previous jobs. Better still is to look at the completion rate and the quality delivered. This will give you a clear picture of how well the structural engineer or the firm manages property and their time. With the best firm you are always assured of a successful project that runs smoothly without setbacks and obstacles. This gives you great value for your hard earned bucks and a reason to smile in future when you look at your investment. This could be your personal investment or that of your company.